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Searching for Christian Colleges in California?

Christian colleges in californiaMany faith based high school students find the transition to college difficult. They are thrust into an environment that may be a far stretch from what they are used to in their local community and congregation. This has lead for many students to seek out Christian colleges. If you are on the west coast, there are many Christian colleges in California.

Christian Colleges in California

Listed below are just a few of the Christian colleges available in California. There are many more to choose from.

Should I Choose a Christian College?

Only you can answer that question. There are some advantages to attending Christian colleges, however. While there are a few larger Christian universities like Azusa Pacific, there are also many smaller universities, like Life Pacific. Smaller student body numbers typically means smaller class sizes. This can ensure that students receive a lot of one on one attention and assistance from the professors.

What Degrees Can I Earn?

Online student taking her coffee breakA common misconception is that you can only earn Bible and theology related degrees at Christian colleges. While this is true at a few of the colleges, most colleges offer many of the same programs as traditional state run and private universities. This can include psychology, business, accounting, and engineering, just to name a few.


Earning a degree from a Christian university not only gives you the academic knowledge needed for a successful career, it gives students the life lessons that will ensure their success.

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