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Pastoral Degrees

pastoral degrees student in the libraryIf you feel a call to serve as a Pastor, then earning a Pastoral Degree is required in many denominations as it will provide you with an in-depth background in religious studies, comparative religions, Biblical studies, Christian Leadership, and more.

What are Pastoral Degrees?

These are classes and accredited degrees offered online that will allow you to enter into the ministry as a pastor. These classes are offered at a number of religious institutions, many well known and around for decades or more. The online courses are programs within their distance learning category, which have been presented online to adult learners.

Accredited Pastoral & Ministry Degrees (offered either on-campus or online)

Certificate Programs

Associate’s Degree

Bachelor’s Degrees

Master’s Degrees

Doctorate Programs

What can I do With a Pastoral Degree?

Most religious studies are rather broad in what concentrations they will allow. Likely, a pastoral degree will be a direct line to running a church or ministry organization. It also might be a part of a larger pursuit, such as becoming a Christian counselor or administrator. This will depend on you and what you decide for yourself.

What is the average Salary When Serving as a Pastor?

Again, this depends. If you are running a church then the average amount is $25,000 per year, though you will likely be provided housing and a number of benefits. Over time the average pay usually rises to about $38,000 per year. If you have a PhD you can become a professor of religious studies, which can give as much as $98,000 per year at most major universities.

What you do with a religious studies accredited degree is up to you. But online pastoral degrees are available now, and they will allow you to work in your own time to get where you want to be. If you want to serve God and your community, you can get started now.