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Do you have a strong calling to help people and a deep religious belief? You may want to think about serving your church as a pastor. Being a pastor means that you would serve as an ordained leader of a congregation. You may want to know more about the specifics, including the salary and other benefits. Listed below is a pastor salary calculator to help you getting started.

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Pastor Salary Calculator

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Pastor Salary Calculator

Unfortunately, there is just not one clearly defined salary for a pastor. There are a few variables to consider. The main variables to consider are denomination, size of congregation, and level of education.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following is a list of average salaries per denomination.

  • Church of Christ – $31,218 to $55,500
  • Christian Church – $35,000 to $50,000
  • Southern Baptists – $49,132 to $56,541
  • Baptists – $20,000 to $52,500

But, what about the other variables?

When looking at the size of the denomination, size does not always equate to a larger salary. The level of education does, however, equate to a higher salary in most denominations. Many denominations will not let you become a pastor without a certain level of professional education.

When looking at a pastor’s salary, there are other compensation packages that are offered as well. Likely, in addition to the base salary above, pastor’s will also be given a retirement plan, health insurance, housing or a housing allowance, life insurance, and continuing education. All of these, coupled with the base salary, can equate to a fair salary for a pastor.