You Can Clean Car Interior With These Tips

The cleanliness of the car is certainly one of the things that affect the performance of your car. Not only pay attention to the exterior cleanliness of the car, but you also need to pay attention to the cleanliness of the interior or interior of the car. Many people don’t clean the car correctly. You can hire an auto detailing oceanside in order to prevent a mistake in cleaning a car.

The interior of the car consists of several important parts such as seats, dashboards, ceilings, and many others. Each component has a different cleaning method. For this reason, the following is an explanation of how to clean the car’s interior properly so it still looks clean even though you often use it.

Car seats are one of the most important parts of the car. Upholstery is used as a seat for passenger cars during the trip. In order to make your trip feel comfortable, of course, upholstery maintenance needs to be considered. Here are some ways to clean the interior of the car, upholstery in accordance with the type of seat material.

First, you wipe the seat and you spray the cleaning liquid into the seat of your car, spray one by one the car seat. You may not dry the cleaning soap before you wipe it. You should do this periodically.

To clean car seats made from velvet, you need more attention than other types of the seat material. You should prepare tools such as soft brushes, soft cloth rags, special velvet cleaning fluid, and vacuum cleaner. First, clean the dirt that sticks to the seat using a brush or vacuum cleaner.

After that, you must spray the cleaning fluid into the seat to be cleaned. You need to brush using a soft brush that has been sprayed using the cleaning fluid. If the dirt is firmly attached, you can do this repeatedly until the seat is clean. Furthermore, you clean the seat surface and dry it.