You Should Know How To Remove Bad Smell From Your Car

You should remove the source of odor from the car if possible. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean food crumbs tucked into the folds of car seats or scattered on the floor of the car. Take out damp shoes, dry the car carpet after being hit by rainwater, empty the trash can regularly, and so on. Clean the interior surface of the car from food scraps and oil with a cleaning fluid that is effective in removing dirt and odor. Aside from that, you may hire the trusted royal1 mobile detailing when you don’t have the time to clean your car by yourself.

Increase air circulation in the car. When the car is running, open all the windows so that the air in the car is replaced with fresh air. If you use air conditioning, choose a feature that absorbs air from the outside, not just turning the air in the car.

Absorb odor with natural ingredients. Take advantage of pure (not instant) ground coffee or some charcoal lumps placed in a plastic basin and left in the car overnight. This method is quite effective as a way to eliminate the smell of cigarettes in the car and also as a way to remove the smell of car carpet rubber.

Dry in the sun. The sun’s heat helps eliminate odors, especially the odors caused by chemicals so that it can help eliminate the smell of new cars in them. Park the car in the yard and leave the window slightly open so that the air inside can circulate smoothly.

Install a room deodorizer in the car. Pieces of lemon or lime can be used as a natural fragrance for cars. The oily skin will make the aroma last longer. Wrap a piece of lemon or lime with a rare fibrous cloth and tie it with a rope, then hang it on the front of the car near the air conditioner so that the aroma spreads. However, there’s a simpler way. You may slip a piece of lime leaves in the car’s air conditioning vents.