Why Should I Learn English?

This question often arises in our minds while studying English. There are many reasons that we think. We are reluctant to learn English and we say that English is hard to learn, I don’t like English, I’m not working in the field of English, or my activities have nothing to do with English going here. There may be a thousand reasons that make us delay learning this International language. In fact, we can find various benefits, either directly or indirectly, when mastering English. You can also take the a2 english test.

One thing we might think about is that learning English is a necessity in the modern world. We can still live without English, but there are many benefits that make our life so much better if we learn English seriously and master it. If the short reason is not enough to arouse our thoughts, I want to share some reasons why we should learn this language seriously.

1. English is one of the most widely used languages ​​in the world

We know that currently, English is one of the languages ​​widely used by countries in the world as a communication tool. Currently, English is ranked third after the language of Mandarin that is widely used in communication of the world’s population. And no less important, almost all of those who are of international standard use English as the speaker.

2. One of the conditions for getting a school scholarship abroad

If we want to go to school abroad, then one of the absolute requirements is the ability to speak English. If we master English, then there are no more obstacles for us to be able to go to school abroad. Moreover, if we are smart, we can easily get scholarships for schools abroad.

3. One of the conditions to work

Currently English is one of the tests to apply for a job, especially if the company is of international standard / foreign company, so there is no more bargaining required for us to master English if we want to work in a company with an international standard.