A Ware House Is Important For Logistic And Supply Chain

You must be familiar with the warehouse in the supply chain services. A warehouse is a place for storing goods or materials, whether in the form of raw materials, work-in-process goods, or finished goods. There are various activities that occur in a 迷你倉, starting from receiving, storing, and shipping goods or materials from one place to the specified place .

Warehouses have an important role in the logistics system and supply chain. However, the warehouse function is not limited to just a storage area, but also as follows:

Warehouse as a Consolidated Terminal

Warehouse acts as a place to collect goods from a number of original locations to be distributed to the desired location. Each factory has a different location or production item so the role of the warehouse here is the place to collect and arrange goods from the place of origin to the destination. By relying on warehouses as consolidated terminals, the total shipping costs will become lower than the costs when the factory sends them directly to customers.

Warehouse as a Break Bulk Operation Place

The warehouse has a function to break down products that will be shipped in large quantities into several smaller quantities. This is aimed at the efficiency of shipping costs.

Warehouse as a Distribution Center

The warehouse also functions as a temporary storage area for goods from a location to be sent to several predetermined locations when needed. The existence of this warehouse minimizes shipping costs when compared to sending directly from the original location to the destination.

Warehouse as an In-Transit Mixing Place

The warehouse has a function as a place to combine goods to be sent from the original location that produces different goods to several customers with unequal goods needs.

Warehouse as a Cross-Dock Operation Place

The warehouse serves as a place to conduct cross-dock operations, which is a place to receive goods from the original location and to ship the goods to the determined location. The process of receiving and shipping goods is done quickly so there is no need to process the storage of goods. This cross-dock operation is very useful for some situations.