You Can Do These Dental Implant Cares

Dental implants are stronger than ordinary teeth and they cannot be broken. Somehow, you must take care of your dental implants as well as you take care of your natural teeth. You must go to the dentist every 6 months. If you have visited Dental Smiles Unlimited, you can do these following things for your routine dental implant care.

You clean your teeth at least twice a day, especially after eating.

You can use ordinary toothpaste, which has no frills to whiten teeth or brighten teeth because this kind of toothpaste usually has a fairly hard content that can shed the outer layer of the implant prosthesis teeth. Choose a soft toothbrush, which can clean the plaque on the inside of the tooth, but the bristles don’t hurt the gums. Use dental floss or dental floss to clean leftover food in gaps that cannot be removed by ordinary toothbrushes. Don’t forget to rinse your mouth with a mouthwash solution so that your mouth is clean and doesn’t smell.

You should check with your doctor regularly every 6 months

Dental implants need to be checked regularly because you must see how the implants affect the health of your teeth and your mouth. In addition, the dentist also needs to check the condition of your dental implants. You can do a regular check by visiting the dentist 3 years once. Somehow, it would be better if you come to the dentist every 6 months because you must get other regular dental cares. Your oral health is important so you must keep it.

You must avoid high-sugar foods

Dental implants can’t be hollow, but they can still be plastered. Foods that contain high sugar levels tend to cause more plaque accumulation, which can affect gum health. Simply talk, you must avoid high-sugar foods if you don’t want to experience any unwanted issues that may come with after you install dental implants.

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