You Can Use These Tips To Clean Your Aluminum And Iron Kitchen Appliances

The aluminum cookware may be Separated into two categories: aluminum mixtures (enriched with metals such as magnesium, copper, or bronze to add strength) and aluminum anodes (which do not react with acidic foods). Aluminum anodes are generally safe to wash with a dishwasher, but mixed aluminum is better washed by hand. If there is a stain on this aluminum cookware, make a mixture of cleaning agent by mixing two teaspoons of white vinegar with two cups of water. Pour the Agent into the pan, then simmer for two minutes, then rinse the pan with warm water. Meanwhile, you may also need to check out the easy-to-clean Jenn-Air kitchen equipment.

Apart from aluminum, the key to keeping iron cookware clean and rust free is to clean it while still warm. Wash in hot water without soap with a hard brush or sponge. Don’t use a steel brush because it can damage the pan. Then, dry thoroughly with a clean napkin and rub a thin layer of vegetable oil over the surface to make it shiny. After that, wipe the remaining oil with a tissue and store it in a dry place. To remove food residue from the pan, boil a little water in the pan before cleaning.

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