You Should Know Signs Of Violence Against Children

Violence in children can occur in any family or social class. It is difficult for children to tell them that they are being treated improperly, usually because the persecutor is someone they respect, such as a parent or teacher. Meanwhile, you may want to hire a trusted private investigator so you can find out the condition of your child when he or she is away from you.

There are several warning signs that can help you recognize if a child is experiencing violence, such as:

Children isolate themselves from friends or daily activities
Children are easily angry, aggressive, or rude.
Children show poor performance at school.
Children show signs of depression or unusual fears, losing self-confidence.
Children may miss school often or skip social activities.
Children may show signs of rebellion or challenging behavior.
Children may try to commit suicide.

Signs of physical violence

Physical violence can intentionally or unintentionally harm children. This can occur from inappropriate penalties, such as pounding a belt on a child. Children who experience physical violence generally have the following signs:

Injuries of unknown origin, or for certain reasons.
Medical or dental problems that have no known cause
Signs of sexual violence.

Sexual violence is a complicated matter because the victim feels embarrassed. Therefore, cases of sexual violence are often not reported. It is important to know that sexual violence in children does not always include physical contact. Exposing children to adult material or sexual situations also includes sexual violence.

Here are some signs that indicate sexual violence:

Having sexual behavior that is not semustinya.
Pregnant or have a sexually transmitted disease.
Having problems with sex organs, pain or difficulty walking or sitting.
There is blood in the underwear.

Signs of emotional violence

Emotional violence can seriously disrupt a child’s mental health and social development, resulting in prolonged psychological injuries. Although emotional violence may not show physical symptoms, here are some signs that you can pay attention to:

Loss of confidence.
Signs of depression or anxiety.
Headache or sudden abdominal pain.
Withdraw from social activities, friends, or parents.
Need excessive love.
Late or disturbed emotional development.
Often skipping school and decreasing achievement, losing enthusiasm for school.
Avoid certain situations.
Skill loss.

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